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End of Life Doula

You have choices about how you die.


You can plan the final months, days, moments of your life. What do you want to happen? Who do you want around you? As an End of Life Doula, I assist clients and their loved ones by planning and coordinating end-of-life care and after death activities. I provide a sympathetic but neutral presence. Most importantly, I create a safe space for clients to prepare for their death or the death of their loved one.


I help fill the gaps in care not necessarily covered by hospice by completing a circle of support for the person who is dying and their loved ones. It is my intention to provide thoughtful, compassionate, and proactive support to ensure the best quality of life possible right up to and through the end.


An initial free face-to-face (or video conference) consultation is necessary to fully explain choices and services available to the person and family. This initial consultation includes:


Discussing the dying person’s and family’s needs


Outlining the scope of services available


Determining if there is a positive connection and desire to work together

Depending on the amount of support available to the dying person from family and friends, a customized plan is created that may include:

  • Developing a plan for remaining days, vigil, and after death
  • Serving as a resource, advocate, and support to fulfilling the plan, which may include:
    • Assuring loved ones of normal physical, spiritual, and emotional changes
    • Hands-on comforting care and non-medical care
    • Linking and connecting professionals and services to fulfill the plan
    • Bringing loving and practical care during the family’s long days
    • Being a meditative presence within the beliefs and practices of the person and the family
    • Creating a safe space for family dynamics, grief, and forgiveness
    • After death care, rituals, and honorable removal of body
  • Life Review, Reflection, Legacy, Storytelling
  • Attendance at time of vigil

“Let’s Get Together and Talk about Death”, is a customized presentation for service clubs, churches, and other organizations to learn about the subject of dying and how to do it well.

Hear Beth talk about end of life doula work and insight into this practice.

“Beth shows exceptional awareness in meeting a patient where they are and walking with them on their particular path. Hospice work is about unconditional acceptance and just providing presence and Beth gets it!  Beth is a loving and gentle guide at a time when a person needs that more than ever.”


Helen B., Volunteer Coordinator at Avera at Home Hospice