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Life Doula

Life is a sacred journey not meant to be taken alone.


I was delighted to learn about the role of a doula in the birthing and dying process because it resonated with how I support my clients when “coaching” them. I call myself a Life Doula because I walk alongside clients without judgment in a highly organic process with growth and self-discovery as the focus. My preferred roles are to support and encourage, to offer candor with kindness, and to ask questions to prompt my clients to help them explore themselves more deeply.


As a Life Doula, I strive to create a brave space for my clients to say the things they have been too afraid to say out loud and to take action that leads to positive outcomes in their lives.



Introductory 30-minute in person meeting or video conference call to determine if we are a good fit at no charge.


1 – 1.5 hour sessions either weekly or bi-weekly are recommended for the initial engagement. We may meet less frequently as you progress.


Developing a working relationship in which you feel free to express your dreams and aspirations, fears and concerns, thoughts and feelings.


Offer resources, optional perspectives, and stories to help you on your journey.


If requested, I can serve as an accountability partner to help you keep on track.

“Together we have explored new paths for our family foundation while she has also created a safe and nurturing space for me to explore my personal goals and plans. The individual sessions with Beth along with participating in her Vision Retreat have been of exceptional value and have allowed me to successfully move forward both professionally and personally.”


Corey K., Executive Director at MHCH Foundation

If you’ve been considering entering a supportive relationship to bring clarity and courage to your life journey, schedule a free 30-minute introductory session.