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Meet Beth

I grew up the oldest daughter in a family from a small, rural community in South Dakota. My roots stem from hard-working people, open spaces, and two degrees of separation. In 1975, I set a clear intention to live a conscious life following a spiritual emergence (commonly referred to as a nervous breakdown). I have explored world religions, new thought, and all kinds of human potential movements and processes.


Over the years, I’ve been an experience monger. I’ve started and grown businesses and taken jobs that have provided a great education to me. I’ve been a single mother. I traveled the world with my husband of 19 years before his passing in the summer of 2019. For 20 years, I served as the president of a non-profit that builds the capacity of rural communities. I retired at the end of 2017 to pursue my passion for normalizing death in our culture, and directly supporting individuals and small groups in their emerging journeys.


I am a certified End of Life Doula with personal experience in midwifing people in their final moments as well as hospice volunteering. I am currently serving as a Life Doula to several professional women. I have hosted separate Vision Retreats for management teams and women who didn’t previously know each other.


I wrote a purpose statement many years ago and it rings true today: I am here to create a  space to support people and groups committed to realizing their fullest potential and authentic selves.


It would be my privilege to share time with you to reflect on the beliefs and behaviors – the stories – that are true and those that have outlived their usefulness to support you in crafting the next chapter of your life, especially if it is the last chapter.


Sometimes all that changes is how we think. But that, my friend, can change everything.

Drop me a note! Ask me questions about who I am and what I do. Schedule a free consultation for life or end of life doula services. Propose a vision retreat. Tell me a little something about yourself. Let’s connect.