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Vision Retreats

My story is your story is our story.


The Vision Retreat creates an experience of connection, openness, grace, and trust that is hard to find in daily life. It is a time for participants to be honest with themselves and accept their past in order to move on into an expanded vision of the future. Vision Retreats are designed to create a brave space for participants to share and learn from each other’s stories and struggles. The power of the retreat is grounded in practices that ensure participants feel heard, honored, and respected. Personal insights emerge from internal reflections rather than receiving advice and counsel.


Over the course of the retreat, three questions are explored:

Personal Mythology: What are the experiences and who are the people that have shaped your life thus far?

Clean Slate: What patterns of sabotage have been limiting your personal development?

Personal Vision: What is the future you want to live into and how are you going to bring it to fruition?


Vision Retreats are:


1.5 – 2.5 day gatherings appropriate for small groups of business teams, women, couples, or even strangers


Customized and scheduled to meet the needs of the people and/or organization


Hosted in comfortable, often beautiful places

“The Vision Retreats have proven to be an integral part of my growth and expansion over the years. Beth’s ability to hold space and provide perfectly-timed guidance within this reflective process is nothing short of phenomenal. Her retreats provide people the opportunity to dig into the depth of their beings in ways that they have never done so before. Time spent in retreat with Beth and working through the Temenos process with her is time well spent and worth every penny.”


Melissa T. H.